Streamline your marketing operations with just one project management tool

With so many marketing projects on the go, it’s easy to lose sight of priorities and progress. With admation, you have a range of project management tools that can provide new insights that let you see the bigger picture and everything in between. Admation makes it easier to account for your budget and resources.

Difficulty proving you can deliver the goods?

Missing deadlines

You’re managing a high number of projects, but resources are scattered and pulled from one project to another as urgent tasks arise. As one deadline looms, so does another. You eventually pull in freelance resources even though it extends beyond your budget and still, you can’t quite hit those deadlines. 

Lack of visibility over resources 

At any one time, it’s almost impossible for you to know who is working on what, given the fickle nature of project priorities. You also have no idea how long each task is taking to complete so you’re unsure how to budget accurately for upcoming projects. Your resources are tired of bouncing from one task to another without any real sense of accomplishment.

Difficulty tracking performance

With long paper trails and email approvals, there’s no easy way to pull data together to map out a dedicated audit trail of work. Projects are being delayed by late approvals but, with no visibility over your marketing workflow, it’s difficult to know where the bottlenecks are occurring. Revision counts are rising, which doesn’t look appealing to management.

Admation features Operations Team will love

Approval Workflow Management

Admation has inbuilt approval workflow management to ensure that your approvals keep moving along. Set dedicated approval pathways to see to it that all stakeholders review artwork. Create automatic reminders to follow up on approval tasks to ensure work doesn’t get delayed. Online proofing tools simplify the review process and reduce artwork revisions.

Department Dashboard

A Department Dashboard provides a real-time overview of how your resources are currently being utilised. Choose to view By User or By Project. You can also view your resources’ workload meters in graph, hours or percentage. See how long tasks have taken to complete. Management can also log in to see how resources and tasks are tracking. 

Inbuilt Task Timer & Timesheets

In the past, it’s been difficult to account for your resources’ time. With admation’s Task Timer, each task is now timed to completion so that you have an accurate picture of time expenditure. Once tasks have been completed, they’re automatically saved across to a timesheet to save you doing it manually.

Task Assignment Tools

With access to real-time data, Marketing Managers can allocate tasks in a way that ensures that resources are maximised without being overloaded. A workload meter enables you to see who is available for work and in just a few clicks, you can brief the task. With more control over your resources, you’re in a better position to tackle urgent tasks without losing pace.

Reporting Tools

Marketing managers can generate WIP and revision count reports to keep management in the loop in terms of how the department is tracking. With reports like this at your fingertips, you can identify issues more promptly, so that they can be resolved quickly. 

Audit Trail of Marketing Work

As all project files are saved in admation, you always have an automatic audit trail of work to refer back to any time you need. Increase accountability for your resources while giving you an accurate record for your marketing compliance.

Admation has solved the problem we have always had with our production/briefing process. Our creative team can now see who is working on what, when it is due, and log our time easily and efficiently. A great tool for busy creative agencies!

Ashleigh Popkin

Senior Copywriter, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Being able to mark up ads with exact changes, instead of having to phrase it very carefully in an email. Much more efficient!

Stephanie Algate

Marketing Manager, News Corp Australia

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