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Helping you work smarter, not harder, our ad agency project management software offers a complete solution for those looking to streamline their marketing processes. This allows you to work better with your team, streamline campaigns and assets and maximise your resources. We’ve designed admation to be used by creative teams all across the digital world. Scale your business from the ground up using marketing approval workflow solutions designed to meet your agency’s needs.

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One of the most challenging aspects of overseeing projects is connecting all the dots throughout the production process. Admation has everything you need in one comprehensive system. Brief creative projects, streamline approvals, manage your resources and store your brand assets all without having to switch to another tool.

Brief projects with tools that let your ideas shine

Tired of constantly chasing stakeholders for incomplete briefs? Kick-off your projects with tools that source the right information upfront and use mandatory fields to ensure only complete briefs are submitted. Eliminate the typical challenges that go with poor instructions – such as bottlenecks and high artwork revision counts. Now you can produce those great ideas with a quality brief that meets the mark.

Simplify approvals and fast track your campaigns

Empower your projects to succeed with admation’s approval workflow solutions. Create your own unique pathways that get the right people reviewing artwork at the right time. No more compliance issues, no more unnecessary fuss. Cruise control your approvals and ease work across the finish line.

Collate feedback and compare revisions without the stress

Finding it impossible to keep track of feedback via email threads? Our collation tool enables you to gather feedback from a range of stakeholders in no time at all. Batch it up and send it on to your design team without risk of miscommunication or double-handling. Reviewing artwork versions side-by-side takes the pain out of crosschecking changes, so everyone can finish work on time.

Minimise your time and maximise your resources with inbuilt resourcing tools

Using spreadsheets which are more than 80% error-prone is risky business. Our resourcing tools give you an accurate picture of your resource’s capacity. A Department Dashboard provides real-time statuses of all resources and their allocated tasks. Resources can then plan their day more effectively. Best of all, you can assign tasks without wasting your own valuable time.

Access and share brand assets from one secure location

No more having to scour the server for missing brand assets. Store your assets in one secure searchable location with the rest of your project files and documents. Admation’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) enables you to locate, change file formats, share and utilise your best work to produce the most memorable campaigns.

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Built by a passionate Australian team and exported all over the world, admation is the missing link in many organisations. We help bridge the gap between teams and foster closer collaboration throughout projects of all forms.
Admation extends the capabilities of your agency in four distinct ways: we establish end-to-end control of creative marketing projects; better track and utilise your resources; streamline your online proofing processes and approval workflow, and manage your assets efficiently.
AdobeStock_7236463219 May 2020Blog postManaging creative processes effectively: it’s an art The success of your projects doesn't just come down to creatives, clients, or products. It depends on effective process management, which is an art and a science in its own right. A critical aspect of your creative processes is managing creative requests. If you don't have a clear process for receiving project requests in place, both sides will be frustrated and confused and projects will run behind schedule. Here are some tips on how you can improve your process for handling project briefs and creative requests, for clients and creatives alike. Read blog post
13 May 2020Blog postDiscover 9 admation features that help you manage project tasks Admation blends a number of great features together to offer one fully-integrated solution to help you manage your creative projects. This week we’re going to take a closer look at admation’s project management   and approval workflow features to demonstrate how its inbuilt tools can help you and your team work more effectively.  Read blog post
06 May 2020Blog postMarketing approvals - what is the real cost? Budgeting can blindside even the best of us. Take an artist for example. It’s easy to calculate the cost of the tools necessary to create an art piece, but it’s far more difficult to account for the time and energy that goes into creating it. In fact, the latter is easily overlooked. Producing marketing collateral is not dissimilar. It’s easy to see the straight-up costs like production and media on your project, but what about the “blind” costs that are pushing your budget into the red? Costs that are generally overlooked are incurred during the marketing approval process, which means your current process might be costing you more time and resources than you think. You will be surprised, possibly even shocked…  Read blog post
28 Apr 2020Blog postImplement admation project management software remotely Admation is cloud-based project management and approval workflow software that is perfect for both in-house and remote workers. Admation can be accessed online day or night, making it one of the key tools for clients currently working from home. The software also consolidates many project management tools into one shared space. This means that remote teams working from several different locations can still collaborate with full transparency over their projects and approvals. Read blog post
RemoteWorker14 Apr 2020Blog postBest Practices for successfully managing remote teams Over recent times and with the advantage of technology and cloud-based solutions, Australia has experienced a surge in the number of professionals working remotely. That number increased exponentially in just a matter of a few weeks due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Never before have so many marketing teams worked remotely all at the same time. While there are obvious challenges to managing creative projects with a fragmented work force, there are many things you can do to become a cohesive and highly productive team. Read blog post

What our clients say about us

It’s great to have a system that collates all jobs, and has smart approvals and markup options. Giving feedback and approvals on work is simple.

Stephanie Bateman

PR & Communications Manager, Choice Hotels
I can easily see at a glance who has forwarded what task and when it is due. I can also see who has made or requested changes to my work, then easily forward it to our creative team. I also like the ability to view what my team are working on via the Resources tab.

Ashleigh Popkin

Senior Copywriter, Bendigo Bank

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