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Ad agencies and internal creative departments are a hive of activity. Each day hundreds of tasks and resources need to be managed to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Let admation's marketing resource management software help you gain control!

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Department Dashboard

Quickly get a graphical view of your department workload. As project tasks are assigned to team members, the workload meter is automatically updated. Admation sends alerts when a department or resource is nearing or over capacity.

Department Capacity

Each user in a Department sets their core working hours, along with their holidays which we refer to as User Capacity. This info allows us to easily calculate a Department’s Capacity for any given period (hours x resources x days), and generate weekly and monthly reports.

Task management - new task

Briefing Tasks

Account Managers and Project Managers can brief tasks to departments. Admation’s Task Briefing Form captures which project the task is for and gives you a dedicated field to write the task brief. You can also upload attachments or link existing Project Documents to the Task. This is handy for all stakeholders as everything you need to complete the Task is clearly communicated in one central location. Optionally you can communicate the Task Effort in hours.

Assigning Tasks

Admation is designed so that only Department Managers and/or Traffic Managers can assign tasks to their teams. While Department Managers can create and quickly assign tasks, typically a task is briefed by an Account or Project Manager and all the Department Manager needs to do is to schedule and assign the task to a resource.

Once you have selected your preferred resource, their workload capacity is graphically displayed, helping you to decide when to schedule this task among their existing work. Manage teams distributed across Australia or the world with ease with our cutting-edge marketing resource management software.

Re-assigning Tasks

Eliminate the stress of re-assigning work when one of your team member calls in sick, with Admation’s dedicated re-assign feature.

Admation displays all tasks allocated to the person who has called in sick – as you click on their tasks, other team members availability is displayed, all you need to do is drop the task onto the timeline of the replacement resource to easily reorganise tasks and workloads among your team.

Capturing Time

Each user has a dedicated My Tasks view. Here they can see what’s on for the day or week. To capture time they can use the timer to start and stop recording time against a task.


As users capture time it is automatically recorded to their Timesheet. We know that users detest completing time sheets so we automate many parts and make it as simple as possible.


Resource Management - Actual v's Forecast

Resource Utilisation & Forecasting

Weekly and monthly summaries are generated on demand providing a complete view of resources utilised for any given period.  These reports make it easy to identify where project schedules overlap and planned work exceeds available resource. This information simplifies your resource planning.

Knowing in advance when you need extra Resources avoids last-minute crisis. Optimize Resource Utilization with admation’s agency resource management solution!

Sorting Tasks

As a manager you can sort your Department Tasks by Deadline (Default), Client, Campaign or Task Type. Having a complete list of tasks for your department on hand, reduces the risk of missing a deadline and quickens action when you need to push a campaign through.

Flexible Tasks

Admation allows you to easily communicate when task needs to be spread across multiple days. For example, when a creative needs to spend 2 days working on concepts over the next 5 days.

Admation also enables you to allocate a percentage of a resource across the period of the project. For example, it is easy to allocate 10% of an Account Director across each day of the project.

Task Management - Managing Task List

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