Client Services

Client Services play a critical role as the communication facilitator between the client and the Agency Creative and Production teams. If there is no formal Client Service department, Marketing will often be the conduit between the client and Creative. Here are some of the benefits of project management software for Client service and Marketing users.




Online Project List

Admation’s project list provides Client Service with a complete list of work in progress. With all projects located in a central online hub, it is simple to search and locate all project information including documents, estimates, client briefs, project timelines, deadlines, artwork and approval feedback. With admation, client service staff don’t need to waste valuable time searching servers, directories, drop boxes and emails for the information they require to proceed with a project.

Project Deadlines and Automatic Reminders

Client service staff can spend hours each week following up their client and internal teams such as creative or production, to keep a project on track. It is not uncommon for client service staff to be reminding stakeholders of looming or past deadlines via email or phone calls.

Whilst admation can’t compel people to obey deadlines, having to call or email to follow up will certainly be significantly reduced with system generated reminders sent to stakeholders throughout the project. Set project deadlines and reminders once, and let admation take care of the rest.

WIP Report

Client services find that they might spend half a day manually preparing a client WIP Report before a weekly meeting. With admation, WIP notes can be added to a project or project deliverable at any time. For example, if you have just finished a phone call, simply add a note to the project with the status or action.

To generate the WIP report, simply select the project, select the relevant wip notes, and the report is automatically generated and ready to email to relevant stakeholders. This feature alone can save Client Service hours in their week.




Consolidated Feedback

Traditional approval workflows, have typically seen Client service manually collate the approval feedback and change requests. This generally involves filtering through emails sent over a week or two, and removing duplicate feedback or comments, and then preparing a summary to communicate this to creative/production teams. Needless to say, this workflow is not only time consuming, but fraught with issues.

Online approval workflow software provides a central hub for all stakeholders to provide their feedback and request changes. Admation’s online markup means that all stakeholders can review the comments and feedback of other approvers, which minimises duplicate feedback. In addition, when all stakeholders have reviewed the artwork and submitted changes, a feedback report is automatically collated and sent to the creative/production team in an easy to read, concise format

Weekly/ Daily Revision Reports

Admation Revision Report will help Client services identify projects with excessive revisions or reworks. Having this knowledge at your finger tips every day will help you stay on top of costs and deadlines, and ultimately deliver your projects on schedule.