Online Proofing Tools

Admation’s Online Proofing Tools offer marketers a great range of review features.

Marking up artwork onscreen

This overview demonstrates how admation’s Online Proofing Tools can be used by stakeholders to review and mark up artwork.


  • When stakeholders are requested to review a deliverable, they will be notified via an admation email. To review artwork in admation’s Full Screen Approvals view, users can simply click on Review Items.
  • The Full Screen Approvals view enables users to review and offer feedback on artwork and other documents for approval. Users can also review feedback by other stakeholders by clicking the Approvals Info tab and ticking the checkbox next to the approver’s name.
  • If changes are required, the artwork can be annotated by clicking Markup.
  • The Markup Toolbar will appear below the artwork. To mark up a file, users can select the intended tool then click and drag to draw a box on the artwork. A text box will appear where a comment can be typed, click OK. Changes can be amended or deleted and any time.
  • Confirm the final changes by clicking Changes.
  • A dialog box will appear asking the user to fill in a final comment. The feedback can be shared with other approvers or made private. To include any documents or supporting files, click Attach Files. Click Submit to send the change request.
  • The top bar will now be greyed out, which indicates the feedback has been successfully submitted.

Approving artwork

This overview demonstrates how admation’s Online Proofing Tools enables stakeholders to approve a deliverable in a few easy steps.


  • Click on the Review Items link in the admation email.
  • The stakeholder will be directed to the Full Screen Approval view where the approval item is displayed. Review and click Approve if no further changes are required.
  • Once Approve has been clicked, Submit Approval will appear. In the text area, the user can provide feedback. The entire approval team can be selected to view the feedback or just the approval requester. Click Submit to send the feedback.
  • The user will be directed back to the Full Screen Approval view. The Approve and Changes buttons on the top menu will be greyed out, which confirms the approval was successfully submitted.


  • Stakeholders can easily annotate artwork onscreen instead of having to scan through handwritten changes or provide lengthy text directions
  • Feedback is easy for marketers to decipher and brief into the design team
  • Stakeholders can review other reviewer’s comments to ensure that their feedback is not conflicting
  • A simple process for providing feedback makes it more likely that stakeholders will prioritise the work
  • Stakeholders can log in remotely and provide feedback so that approvals aren’t delayed waiting for someone to return to the office
  • All feedback is captured in one central system which means that marketers don’t have to sift through emails to locate feedback
  • Final approval is a quick and easy process
  • A failsafe method to ensure stakeholder feedback and approvals don’t get overlooked