Finalise a Deliverable Feature
This overview demonstrates how marketers can finalise a deliverable, ensuring that final marketing campaigns can be located and retrieved from admation’s Ad Storage expediently anytime from anywhere.


  • Find the relevant project in the In Progress list. Remember you can search for projects by a range of metadata.

Finalise a Deliverable-1

  • Check that the relevant deliverable has been approved as only approved deliverables can be finalised. Click on the arrow next to project overview.

Please note once a deliverable has been finalised, it cannot be deleted from the project.

  • A Project Summary screen is displayed which lists all the project deliverables, along with the status of each. A deliverable that has been approved is displayed with a green colour status bar. Select your approved deliverable.
    Finalise a Deliverable-3
  • You will be directed to the project dashboard, where the details for this deliverable are displayed. Proceed to finalising this deliverable by selecting the Finalise button.

  • You will be taken to a screen where you can select the deliverable you wish to finalise by ticking the box next to its name. Once the correct box has been ticked, click the Finalise button.
    Finalise a Deliverable-5
  • Confirm your selection, and click Finalise to make this deliverable public – that is accessible to all stakeholders. Note: If you wish to limit the access to this deliverable in Final Assets, tick the Confidential box. In this case, the deliverable will initially only be accessible to you. You can later add other stakeholders to the access list.
    Finalise a Deliverable-6
  • A confirmation message will appear. Select OK to complete the process.
    Finalise a Deliverable-7
  • Your deliverable has now been finalised and you will be taken back to the ‘In Progress’ Deliverables Details screen. A black and white icon with a tick indicates the deliverable has been successfully finalised.
    Finalise a Deliverable-8


  • No more lost marketing assets! Rest assured that all finalised marketing assets are automatically saved in admation’s integrated DAM feature so they can be easily located at anytime from anywhere.
  • Have complete control over your marketing assets by nominating only approved stakeholders who can access final assets.
  • Know for certain that your marketing assets saved in admation’s integrated DAM feature are the final versions. This circumvents any potential marketing compliance issues by mistakenly running a campaign with a previous, unapproved version.
  • Locate your final marketing assets in just seconds to re-run a campaign instead of having to spend time searching for final assets in emails or on the server.
  • Less marketing administration = Greater ease of mind = More time to be creative.