What is Admation?

The ultimate project management software for brands and ad agencies who don’t have time to waste

Today’s marketers and creative teams are overseeing up to 3,000 projects a year, making it almost impossible to manage the production process with traditional tools. Admation’s fully-integrated project management tool enables you to manage a rapidly growing number of projects with more ease and assurance.

Admation in a nutshell

Compact and powerful

Admation project management software was created for marketing teams and ad agencies that want the benefit of multiple features rolled into one comprehensive tool. Consolidating project, approval workflow, resource and digital asset management, admation ties the full production cycle together so that you can manage your projects seamlessly.

Embrace the evolution

So who uses admation?

Admation is suitable for any business, whether you’re a small marketing team, an ad agency, or a full enterprise operation. Admation can be scaled to fit simple approval workflows, or more complex, multi-tiered processes. Depending on your size, you have a range of tools to manage your creative projects with more ease, energy and efficiency. Typically buyers seek out admation due to the challenges they encounter when managing creative projects with traditional tools:

  1. • Limited visibility over projects 
  2. • Inconsistent briefs 
  3. • Too many approval reviewers 
  4. • Time-consuming email approvals 
  5. • High artwork revisions 
  6. • A lack of collaboration
  • • Overloaded resources 
  • • Using multiple standalone tools 
  • • Issues managing brand assets 
  • • Poor marketing compliance 
  • • Difficulty tracking campaigns 
  • • Creative fatigue

Brands that have embraced admation

Our clients benefit from having one comprehensive solution to manage their creative projects including approvals, resources and assets. Here are a few brands using admation project management software.


Bendigo bank
Tourism Australia
The Just Group
defence force

Why admation?

Everything you need

Admation’s user-friendly system combined with a range of powerful tools makes it a complete solution for frustrated marketing teams and ad agencies. Log in from anywhere you have an internet connection and work remotely. The software meets the highest industry standards in security, providing comfort that your project work is securely backed up and always accessible.

Must Have

Admation features and benefits

dashboard orange

Realtime project view

Just one Dashboard screen to view live project information. Simply login for full visibility on all work in progress. 

document control

Document control

Get organised with admation’s online project folders that contain all correlating documents and deliverables.

projects blue

Your projects simplified

Kickstart your campaigns the easy way, with tools that enable you to set up a project, schedule tasks, create timelines and nominate teams.

briefing tools

Reliable briefing tools

Get the right information upfront with admation’s online briefing tools. Create a resource template to eliminate repetitive work.


Resource like a pro

Admation’s resource planner and templates ensure that you have the right people on the right jobs. Teams can view current and future workloads. You stay in control. Your teams avoid creative fatigue.

marketing plan

Marketing Plan

Utilise the inbuilt Marketing Calendar View. When a new project is created, admation automatically updates the calendar without you having to lift a finger.


Structured approval workflow

Automate your approval workflow with a dedicated framework that gets artwork to the correct stakeholders in the most effective way.


Upfront revisions

Online proofing tools allow reviewers to provide clear mark ups and feedback on artwork to break the cycle of never-ending revisions.

Transparent review and collaboration

All reviewers have access to feedback to make sure everyone’s on the same page. This feature eliminates the need for multiple artwork changes down the track.

marketing compliance

Marketing compliance

Admation creates an automatic audit trail of marketing work so that you always have a record of who did what, how, when and why.

brand currency

Brand currency

Manage your most current assets in admation’s digital library for central and secure storage of your files.


Admation integrations

Admation is proudly integrated with Media Ocean’s Spectra, an ad agency finance software. Other integrations include: Box.com, Amazon, AWS Storage and Google Drive.

help & support

Admation help & support

Clients have ready-access to a knowledgeable support team, or they can visit admation help for a great range of video and guides with tips on using admation.

reporting tools

Reporting tools

Generate a WIP or Revision Count report to monitor how you’re tracking on your projects and approval work.

admation gets the job done

assets stored


Assets Stored

approval revisons

















Request admation demo

We offer a free demo of admation. Let us show you just how much we’ve packed into this intuitive, user-friendly software. Because there’s nothing like seeing something in action to understand its features and whether it’s the right fit.