Streamline your online retail operations with just one approval workflow tool

With many retail companies managing multiple brands, it is easy for your team’s processes to become siloed. Bring your increasingly divergent brand practices under one umbrella. With full transparency over the production process, admation enables companies to manage their whole portfolio with one approval workflow tool, providing unprecedented ease and efficiency.

The challenges outweighing your teams’ performance?

Missing critical deadlines

Retail sales and events are extremely time dependent, but with no visibility over your approvals and resources, deadlines are often missed. Email marketing campaigns suffer, and online sales are lost as a result, whilst the flow-on effect sees print retail catalogues late to market, and in-store staff frustrated because they haven’t received their marketing collateral by the set promotional dates. 

Collateral goes online with errors 

Your Retail Teams are responsible for producing comprehensive catalogues, but your ad hoc approval process means that items are advertised with the incorrect sales price or image. Resources are then wasted on countless last-minute revisions to rectify the error, causing more bottlenecks and delays, whilst other teams tackle issues with marketing compliance, customer service, and even consumer law as a result of the oversight. 

No accountability

Retail management focuses on numbers and KPIs, but while your Retail Teams are working harder, there’s no way to account for their performance with high artwork revisions. With no dedicated audit trail of work, it’s also difficult to demonstrate that you understand the issue and know how to solve it. All in all, things aren’t looking productive from management’s point of view.

Admation features Retail Teams will love

Approval Workflow Management

Admation provides a best practice workflow system for failsafe approvals. Reviewers are never bypassed in the approval process and have full visibility over all feedback. Get your online print catalogues and email marketing right, every time. Avoid the issue of the wrong pricing or images going live. Admation custom checklists also prompt  your Retail Teams to do the relevant checks to ensure you always have stock on hand. An automatic audit trail promotes accountability.

Forward for Approval or Feedback

This collaborative feature encourages a gatekeeper-style feedback system, used by David Jones, Spotlight and Anaconda when reviewing print catalogues. Pick and choose which comments to pass back to the team. Reduce conflicting feedback between team members which might otherwise lead to errors or high artwork revisions. 

Online Marketing Calendar

Plan and visualise what’s in the pipeline for upcoming sales events and campaigns to ensure that all jobs are on track. Have full visibility over your team’s schedule with a clear understanding of when projects are due. New projects are automatically added to your admation online marketing calendar so that you can move on to more important work.

Approval Checklists

Create a checklist of items that reviewers must consider before approving work for market. Ensure that critical details like prices aren’t overlooked, or that marketing campaigns aren’t sent out promoting superseded or low-stock items. Encourage reviewers to be more accountable for their work.

Digital Asset Management

Admation’s inbuilt digital asset management (DAM) feature allows you to securely store your most current brand assets with your project files. Locate and share your brand assets across teams in just a few clicks. Convert file formats quickly and easily without having to ask your designer to do it. Download an access history so that you can track who is using your assets. 

Revision Count Reports

Keep management happy with admation’s Revision Count Reports. Generate a weekly report that demonstrates how each brand is tracking in terms of artwork revisions. With this high-level information, high revisions counts can be investigated and remedied before they become costly to the brand.

Multi-brand management and reporting

Bring each of your brands under one workflow tool and create insightful custom reports that highlight team performance across each of your brands. Identify bottlenecks and any brands that might require extra support.

I love how easy Admation is to navigate! Its so easy to use! I love that you can leave comments on an annotation and communicate directly to the designer, regarding a specific change you want to make.

Simone Jorgensen

Buyers Assistance, Anaconda

Admation has made compiling a brief to our design team much easier and this really helps in getting back designs that we would like to utilise.  It’s improved the briefing process immensely. It also makes it easier to track my jobs and where I am at with work in progress.

Will Gillard

Merchandise Buyer, David Jones

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