Understanding Marketing Compliance

Marketing compliance refers to both the internal and external regulations that all businesses must follow to protect consumers as well as their own reputation and profitability. Having the right processes in place to ensure compliance across departments or legal teams is crucial to safeguarding your brand both now and in the future.

Understanding Ad Agency Project Management Software

Consolidate your project and files online with a user-friendly tool that can help you manage creative projects across different stakeholders or clients. Here’s how intuitive software can help eliminate the need for back-and-forth emails to manage feedback and approvals, decrease the number of project versions, and provide more transparency for both agency and client.

Managing marketing resources with MRM software

MRM tools help streamline admin, approval, and creative processes for marketers, allowing them to switch between projects, manage different creative teams, keep an eye on assets, and more with ease. Read more about how admation’s single solution can help replace multiple tools and save marketers more time.

Headaches in Managing Ad Agency Resources

Departments operating in silos, a lack of consistent process, and budget blowout. These are just some of the headaches that ad agencies have when managing resources and campaigns, and how automated project management software can help reduce the ache.

Understanding Marketing Project Management Software

With marketing campaigns run through a range of different types of digital campaigns, marketers need to be able to manage their entire creative project easily, from conception and brief through to collating feedback, tracking approval and final assets. Read more about how admation can streamline the design process across various marketing campaigns.

Marketing Approval Workflow

Modern day marketing means that several individuals, teams, departments, or even external stakeholders may need to view a campaign before it goes to market. Admation can streamline the approval process by keeping stakeholders accountable, providing approval tiers, tracking versions, asset control and more.

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