Production teams do it better with admation

Don’t let the creativity fizzle with clunky approval workflow. Online proofing tools enable stakeholders to provide clear feedback so that creative teams spend less time revising artwork. Project Managers can accurately resource the production process for better results. Greater collaboration improves the quality of output.

Is your production cycle disjointed?

No centralised system

It’s difficult to consolidate your project work when you’re dealing with long paper trails and files that are stored across multiple tools. Locating the right documents and files takes much longer than it should. No one has real-time access to project updates, so your teams are working independently, leading to duplicate work and repetition. 

Resources are managed ad hoc

Your resources are the engine room that drives your projects, but you can never manage to have everybody on the same page at once. Allocating tasks is always reactive, rather than planned. All too often a resource gets double booked, so one project has to suffer. Your creative team has no visibility over their work, so no one knows how to prioritise their day.

The revision cycle is messy 

You rely on your reviewers to provide feedback that is relevant and enhances the final product. However, your feedback process is disorganised, so there’s a breakdown in communication between teams, ultimately leading to missed deadlines. Worst case scenario, something slips through and you’ve got a marketing compliance issue on your hands. 

Admation features we know Production Teams will love

One centralised management tool

Admation’s project management software brings all facets of the production cycle together so that your teams can collaborate in a shared space. Store all your project documents, artwork files, feedback, approvals and brand assets in one comprehensive system to join all the dots. 

Online Briefing & Templates

Online Briefing makes the process of setting up a new project fast and easy. Briefs are automatically routed to a nominated user so that they don’t get lost in translation. Customise your briefs for different campaign types, so that your design team gets all the right details upfront. 

Brief and Assign Tasks

Plan your resources with more accuracy using admation’s Task Assignment tools. With more visibility, Project Managers can assign and reassign tasks evenly across projects to ensure resources are effectively utilised across the business. Automated messages alert resources to new tasks and changes. Eliminate the everyday chaos of managing disjointed teams and projects. 

Department Dashboard & Calendar

Know who’s doing what and when. Project Managers can better understand their department’s workload by viewing a real-time summary of all projects on the go. A workload metre keeps you in sync with your team’s capacity. Resources can log in and view the tasks allocated to them so they have more control over their workday.

Online Task Timer & Timesheets

Capture the time spent on tasks more effectively. Production Managers can set up prompts to remind staff to log their time which is automatically saved to a timesheet. Plan and budget for future resources with accuracy by knowing how long it takes a resource to complete a particular task.

Online Proofing and Mark-up Tools

Designers will thank you for admation’s proofing tools. Deciphering changes is so much easier with online mark-ups. Reviewers can mark-up files and leave text comments for greater clarity. A transparent feedback system allows reviewers to see what other changes have been requested to avoid conflicting information. 

Compare Revisions Onscreen

Forget about re-checking emails to find the most current version of work. Each artwork version is clearly labelled, and its respective comments and date stamps are easily located on screen. Simply click to compare two versions side by side on the one screen to confirm changes. Streamline your revision cycle, save time and have more energy to be creative!

Marking up creative and communicating to web designer is streamlined with Admation. When a web designer is away it’s easy for another web designer to pick up the work because everything is documented in one place.

Eleanor Nguyen

Online Merchandise Coordinator, The Just Group

Admation is great for in-house design teams. It enables me to work remotely and nationwide within our team.

Erin Henderson

Senior Creative Designer, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

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