The ultimate project management software for Marketing Teams

Today’s marketing environment is complex and ever-changing. That’s exactly why you need one project management tool to help you manage a growing number of campaigns. Admation consolidates all of your marketing projects in one powerful system. Manage your projects and approvals with ease.

What’s disrupting your marketing workflow?

Projects lack cohesion

You have multiple projects on the go, different stakeholders that need to approve work and a large resource pool to manage, but no way to pull all of these touchpoints together. The flow of information is fragmented, teams lack transparency over tasks and everybody ends up doing more work than they need to.

Your tools aren’t up to the task

Marketing teams have more pressure to perform in today’s omnichannel environment, but your project management tools aren’t sophisticated enough to manage the high volume of work. You’re always grappling with how to streamline your approval workflow with tools that make it harder, not easier to complete projects. 

Repetitive work hinders output

You hired the best marketing talent, only to find they spend most of their time doing repetitive tasks. This leads to bottlenecks and delays, which makes it difficult to account for your department’s output. Your teams are tired and never get the creative space to do the work that counts.

Admation features your Marketing Team is going to love

A Real-time Marketing Calendar

Marketing managers will feel empowered with a calendar view of all projects currently in progress. Know exactly what’s on so you can prioritise your time better. The calendar automatically updates whenever a new project is created, so you can forget about filling out any tedious spreadsheets.

Brief and Schedule Tasks

Marketing managers can trailblaze the process of creating and assigning tasks to resources. With task assignment tools, you can assign work to your team in no time at all.

Assinging tasks via project resourcing templates can streamline the process of creating and assigning tasks further. 

Collate Feedback & Markup Online

Avoid all the things that can go wrong with email approvals by collating feedback in a shared, collaborative space. No more conflicting artwork changes as all stakeholders can view feedback on one screen. Online proofing tools with digital mark-ups take the guess work out of change requests. 

An Approvals Dashboard

View how approvals are tracking at a glance with a real-time Approvals Dashboard. You can ascertain the progress of work instantly with visual icons that tell you whether an approval is still pending or signed off. Eliminate the task of having to search through a cluttered inbox to find project approvals, saving precious time and money.

Revision Count Report

Marketing managers can subscribe to a daily or weekly revision count report to keep production costs in check. Improve your team’s performance by identifying and fixing bottlenecks immediately to fast track your approval workflow. You can now account for your department’s work when management requests it.

Ad Storage

Approved ads are saved to your Ad Storage, so designers can locate the right files without confusion. Share with approved stakeholders without having to use a file sharing platform. A re-run feature enables you to make quick changes and re-run a campaign in just a few clicks. Have complete visibility over a file’s download history with our in-built audit trail tool.

Admation is a brilliant collaboration tool. It is easy to use and it helps our team streamline our approval workflow. admation manages and tracks all our reviews and approvals from one central hub

Laura Serra

Marketing Specialist, BUPA

Overall I enjoy using admation, it is an easy and effective way to manage creative feedback and approvals. The ability to store the whole creative journey & feedback in one place is so benefical for our team.

Jarrah Petzold

Marketing Manager (Brand & Content), News Corp Australia

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