Failsafe compliance with approval workflow software

Legal teams play a vital role in approval workflow as they’re responsible for ensuring that creative output adheres to brand and legal requirements. Want a failsafe way to manage your legal compliance? Set approval pathways in admation to guarantee the Legal Team isn’t bypassed in the approval process. Make sure they review artwork in the right order and enable them to reserve a job to avoid double ups.

Not feeling confident about your marketing compliance?

Approvals missing legal check

You have no dedicated approval workflow framework to manage your approvals. So as hard as you try, legal review and signoff get missed in the process and one of two things happen: your team needs to swoop in at the last minute requesting critical changes that push the deadline out. Or a campaign goes live without a legal check and things get hairy from there.  

No failsafe measures to avoid compliance issues

Reviewers are flying blind because, while they know what they want changed, they don’t have any kind of legal parameters to go by. So again, teams are in a position of late changes and high artwork revisions where the legal team is only an after-thought in the approval process. As a result, bottlenecks and delays are commonplace.

Old assets still going live

Everybody has a different idea of how and where brand assets should be stored on the company server. This means if that you look long enough, you could probably find them sitting in at least three different folders. But which versions are the most current? There are some lengthy discussions with Marketing to find the right ones. And sometimes guesses are made and old assets go live. 

Admation features Legal & Compliance Teams will love

Approval Teams – Reserve Approvals

A Legal representative can reserve an approval to eliminate double ups. Other team members can see when approval has been provided and view the communications. Marketing Managers can finally have some peace of mind knowing that Legal has provided their input.

Simplify approvals and fast track your campaigns

Approval Levels – Tiered Approvals

Never miss a Legal or Compliance review ever again. Consolidate a list of approvals so that Legal can estimate when input is required. Admation automates the process of sending artwork on to the next tier once it’s approved so no stakeholder gets overlooked. Decrease those pesky artwork revisions and compliance issues.

Approval Checklist

An approval checklist is that failsafe measure that’s been missing in your approval workflow. Legal or Compliance can collate a checklist of questions and actions for reviewers to fulfil prior to providing feedback. Early input eliminates the potential for marketing compliance issues. It also improves the overall efficiency of your approval workflow.

Approvals Dashboard

Achieve full visibility over all approvals in progress. Status icons enable users to ascertain the stage of each approval at a glance. Legal or Compliance can view each project to ensure that marketing compliance is being maintained by stakeholders. Always better to remedy any legal concerns sooner than later. 

Brand Asset Library

Legal and Compliance can breathe easy with a secure, central library where all current marketing assets can be stored and located in just seconds. No more having to trawl through multiple folders on the server to find the right assets. Only approved users can access brand files and admation provides a full download history to ensure assets are being used correctly.

Audit Trail

All project files and documents are saved in a central hub which tracks all communications. Legal teams always have an audit trail of marketing work to refer to, should any compliance issues arise.

A great platform for the whole marketing team. Admation is a collaborative artwork management tool that keeps an audit history of changes, comments and approvals. You always know where everything is at with each campaign.

Michael Smolders

Head of Campaign Strategy, CPA Australia

Admation ensures every of our creative that goes to market has been signed off by relevant stakeholders. It gives our business peace of mind that our enterprise compliance around signoff is met.

Tom Russell

National Ancillary Networks Manager, BUPA

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