Online Proofing and Approval Workflow

With admation you can adopt one consistent process to manage the review, online markup and approval of your marketing projects. We understand that each organisation operates a little differently, so admation provides a flexible online approval workflow, enabling you to customise the solution to suit your needs.

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Approval Dashboard

Admation’s Approval Dashboard provides a summary of all approvals in progress.   At a glance, you can see what briefs, estimates, documents and production files are waiting approval from you and other stakeholders.

Online Approval workflow dashboard

Customise your approval workflow

A flexible online approval workflow means that you can customise admation to suit your organisation’s approval matrix. Admation does not prescribe the steps in the process, but instead offers flexibility, accommodating any marketing approval process.

Customised Approval Workflow

Online Proofing

Admation’s online proofing features enable you to review, markup and approve all traditional and digital media online. This enables you to adopt a  consistent process to manage the approval of all marketing collateral across your brand.

Guide to selecting the right approval workflow software

Online Proofing Toolset

Admation’s online proofing toolset provides you with all the necessary tools to review, comment and markup all file types.

Admation Proofing Toolset includes:

  • Freehand Drawing
  • Shapes > Boxes, Circles, Lines
  • Arrows
  • Pen Colour Control
Online Proofing tools

Print Markup

With admation, you can annotate changes directly onto a PDF or any image file. While this is possible in other products, such as Adobe Acrobat, admation’s online shared environment promotes collaboration. Here, you are all viewing the same file with access to mark ups and proofing comments from other stakeholders. This transparent collaborative online solution saves time and reduces revisions.

Website Markup

Navigate and review your website within Admation.

  • Take snapshot of web pages and markup changes,
  • Find and report broken links,
  • Record browser information and operating system of reviewer is recorded automatically.
  • Approved websites are archived pages providing a visual record of the staging site.

Flash mark up

With Admation it is easy to annotate flash ads. Simply pause a Flash Ad at any point to take a snapshot to markup changes.

This takes the guesswork out of reviewing Flash Ads, and eliminates tedious and repetitive viewing. Less time allocated to highlighting changes can only mean a faster and more enjoyable approval and less will be lost in translation. Click here for more details and benefits.

Video Markup

Annotate Video files with admation by pausing to capture any frame and then simply markup changes and comments. The timeline records each frame, along with your comments and annotations.

Clearly communicating changes has never been so easy and with the increasing reliance on video content, this feature is very popular among the admation community.

Manage Revisions

With the pressure to get to market faster and control costs, managing your revision count is more important than ever before.

Admation promotes a more collaborative and transparent online environment, enabling all project stakeholders to access all requested changes and feedback. Admation’s helps reduce duplicate feedback and speeds up the process by reducing the number of revisions.

Approval Workflow - Compare Revision Feature

Compare Revisions

How many times have you wished you could quickly view the changes you briefed alongside the latest revision so that you can check that all changes briefed were made?

Now it’s simple — admation displays revisions side-by-side on a single screen with all comments and mark ups visible so that you can easily compare.

Agencies embrace this feature as it allows them to cross-check corrections and upload for the client with confidence.

Collate Feedback Easily

Tired of collating rounds and rounds of corrections? At the click of a button, admation automatically collates feedback from various stakeholders, allowing you to handpick comments and changes to include in the change summary report. Briefing studio with a comprehensive summary of changes in a consistent format ultimately results in smoother production and fewer revisions.

Approval Workflow - Collate Stakeholder Feedback

Zoom & Pan in Sync

A unique and powerful tool, zoom & pan in sync enables you to zoom in on two revisions at once. You can scroll across the two revisions in unison and cross-check on small details such as disclaimers or detailed retouching.

Approval Workflow - Online Proofing Tools

Revision Report

Subscribe to a daily revision report for a complete listing all of the revisions submitted for approval, along with the revision count.

Approval Workflow - Daily Revision Report

Marketing Compliance

The risks of non-compliance in today’s marketing environment are higher than ever before.  With admation’s built in features, you can have the confidence that you are meeting all your legal requirements.

Approval Levels

Admation accommodates a tiered approval process, often a requirement in highly regulated industries.

For example, once the brand owner has approved marketing collateral, it is automatically sent to compliance and legal for approval, providing peace of mind that all stakeholder feedback has been incorporated.

Approval Teams

Admation also supports teams, enabling anyone in the legal team to pick up an approval — colleagues can see that approval has been accepted and view the activity if required.

Customise approval workflow for internal teams

Approval Flexibility

Admation offers two approval options: Anybody Approve and Everybody Approve.

Anybody Approve allows you to request approval from a group, with one person’s approval adequate for sign off.

Everybody Approve requires all stakeholders to approve marketing collateral before it can be finalised and signed-off, ready for market.

Audit Trail

You no longer need to trawl through a thread of emails, meeting notes or try to recall phone conversations. With admation, you have access to a complete audit trail, allowing you to navigate between revisions, comments and feedback to see how marketing collateral has developed.

All communication, feedback and revisions are stored within the project folder and can be accessed at any time.

Custom Approval Workflow - Flexible Workflow

Workflow Approval - Manage Third party approvals

Secure Third Party Approvals

Admation makes it easy to obtain external stakeholder approval without security risk. You can invite an external partner to approve content through a secure email link. They are directed to a secure page displaying the approval content. External stakeholders can review comment or mark up files online, just like internal stakeholders. Like all feedback received, this is stored in the project approval history, keeping your audit trail complete

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