Admation’s Approval Checklists helping teams meet marketing compliance

Admation’s Approval Checklists helping teams meet marketing compliance

AdmationTickAs marketers each day you are managing a growing number of creative projects – online, traditional, video as well as content such as whitepapers, blogs etc. It is not uncommon for each project type to have a different set of requirements that need to be met for approval and marketing compliance.

One of the common headaches our clients’ experience, is staying on top of these requirements throughout the marketing approval process, and ensuring they comply with corporate governance and industry regulations.

Well, upon hearing this issue again and again, the admation product team decided it was time to develop a new feature to help ease the pain. So, I am pleased to introduce ‘Approval Checklist’ into admation’s approval workflow.


What is an Approval Checklist?
An Approval Checklist is a list of actions or questions, stakeholders need to complete or consider throughout the lifecycle of a creative project.  Checklists are customised for different stakeholder groups, ensuring that each checklist is relevant to the specific needs of the team. A project can not be submitted to these teams for approval, until each of the items on the checklist have been completed.

Who sets up ChecklistsApprovalCheclist

Templates for each Checklist is setup at the Account Administrator level, with the assistance of your Admation Account Contact.

The items included in any checklist are customised the suit the organisation and industry. This allows all stakeholders (legal, marketing and brand teams) to specify their requirements within the marketing approval process.

How do checklists help Marketing and Legal teams? 

Relevant stakeholders are prompted throughout the marketing approval process to complete the ‘Approval Checklist’. This ensures that users are completing the items before an approval request is sent to the group of stakeholders for sign off.

Ultimately, checklists ensure that projects are only sent to certain stakeholders for review or approval at the right time in the process.  This means people are not wasting time and effort reviewing work that isn’t ready for them. Naturally, this leads to fewer revisions and greater efficiency across your marketing process.

Keen to learn more? 

To see how Approval Checklists work within admation, click here to view a short video.

Or, click here to arrange for our product team to demonstrate how approval checklists can be implemented into your marekting approval workflow.  Request Demo of Approval Workflows

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