Exceptional campaigns with agency project management software

It’s not always easy in the middle, but with admation, Account Services and Client Management can breathe easy. No more long-winded email approvals back and forth. Access status updates and WIP reports for clients at the click of a button. Enjoy more control and visibility over projects and resources.

Another day fighting creative fatigue?

Projects derail quickly

That clear vision everybody had at the beginning of a project suddenly fizzles when information isn’t conveyed accurately. Work stops and starts, while your creative team struggles to comprehend what the client really wants. The feedback cycle leads to constant changes and the creative work takes a backseat to chaos. 

Teams are overworked

Today creative teams are producing more projects with the expectation of faster turnaround times. Without the right resource management tools, they’re dealing with projects on a reactive, not proactive basis. As delays occur and pressure builds, your team has more on their plate than they can humanly handle.

You lack insight into projects

Clients want to know how their projects are progressing, but you have no transparency over your projects. Creating a WIP report takes a chunk out of your day and keeps interrupting priority work. On an everyday basis, tracking your team and the tasks they’re working on is a feat on its own.

Admation features we know Creative and Digital Agencies will love

Online Briefs and Templates

Eliminate tedious processes and paper trails. Account Managers can create an online brief in no time at all. Briefs can be customised so that the creative team gets the right details upfront without having to down tools and chase people for more information. Avoid high artwork revisions further down the track. 

Complete Project List

Project managers and Account Services won’t know themselves with full transparency over all work in progress. Save time locating jobs. At a glance, know exactly what stage each project is at and its expected ETA. Log in to access and track jobs from anywhere at anytime. 

Resource Management Tools

Admation’s resource management tool enables Project Managers to allocate tasks to their creative team quickly and effectively. A workload meter ensures that you are maximising your resources without overloading them with work. A Department Dashboard lets everybody plan their time better because allocated tasks are transparent. 

Collate Feedback

No more sorting feedback from lengthy email trails. In a few easy steps, Project Managers can collate feedback, sort changes and send a summary report to their creative team. Less time on repetitive tasks allows everyone to get back to the work they love.

Revision Count & WIP Reports

Identify, find and fix the issue of high revisions sooner rather than later. Project Managers and Account Services can then stay on top of costs and deadlines. Generate a daily WIP report so that no one has to run around trying to find out what everyone is working on. Be more accountable to your clients.

Re-run Projects and Access Brand Assets

Get more z’s knowing your final ads are automatically archived to admation. Re-run a project in a few easy steps. Share assets to approved stakeholders without the hassle. Have full visibility over who is accessing your brand files by viewing a complete download history.

I use admation everyday. It’s a great system for proofing design work, providing feedback and direction. It’s a great system and has heaps of features that enable multiple designers, marketers and managers to access one workflow and work as a team even when working remotely.

Adam Hepburn

Graphic Designer, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Internal Agency

Admation has really helped us with streamlining our communication between the agency and our clients. We can now easily track the progress of each job and all related communication.

Sally Cox

Account Manager, GPYR

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