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Marketing Calendar

Admation’s marketing calendar allows marketers to view their projects under a weekly, monthly, two monthly or three monthly calendar view. This feature enables more visibility over multiple creative projects. Simply create a marketing campaign or project, filling in the key dates, and the project will be automatically displayed on the marketing calendar.

The Marketing Calendar is loved by

Marketing Teams


Retail Teams

Benefits of the Marketing Calendar

  • Keep track of project milestones and deadlines in one visual summary view of all campaigns
  • A faster and more convenient way to manage marketing projects
  • Ascertain in just seconds when you have to deliver your creative projects
  • Have more visibility and control over your marketing projects by using filters to search and narrow down your views
  • Set important dates and reminders which can be downloaded to any calendar app of your choice
  • Download your calendar out of the system as a PDF file to eliminate duplicate admin work

A Quick Overview of the Marketing Calendar

The marketing calendar is a default view that’s available from the Projects list.

Customise your view to suit you, then view dates and milestones in just seconds.