Admation’s Resource Planner

Admation’s Resource Planner offers marketers a great range of marketing resource management features.

Allocate a resource to a project

This overview demonstrates how marketers can allocate a resource to a project to plan and schedule marketing resources more effectively.


  1. If your marketing project has not been assigned Start and Finish dates, click Edit Selected as you need to create a timeline to allocate resources.
  2. Enter the date range. Click Save.
  3. Click Resources.
  4. Click New Resource Allocation.
  5. A window will appear allowing you to allocate a resource. Fill in the required fields.
  6. Click Save. NOTE: A graph will show your resource’s total available time allocated to this job.
  7. The Resource Allocation will now appear on the timeline for this project.
  8. To edit, delete or assign a task to the Resource Allocation, simply click on the allocation then click Edit Allocation.

  9. Click Save when you’re done. Continue scheduling as many new resource allocations as you need for this project.

Create a resource template
Once you have allocated resources to a marketing project, you can save your Resource Allocations as a template. This overview demonstrates how marketers can create a resource template which takes the repetitive administration out of managing your marketing resources.


  1. Click on the Template drop down button.
    Create a resource template-1
  2. Select Save As Template.
    Create a resource template-2
  3. The default name of the template is the same as the project’s. To change it, simply enter a new name. Click Save. Your resource template is ready to go for future projects!
    Create a resource template-3

Apply a resource template to a project

This overview demonstrates how marketers can apply a resource template to a project in a few easy steps.


  1. Click Resources within your selected project which will direct you to the Resource Allocation screen.Apply a resource template-1
  2. Click on Template dropdown list and select Load Template.
    Apply a resource template-2
  3. Select the template you require, then specify the project’s Start Date.
    Click Select Template.
    Apply a resource template-3
  4. The Resource Allocations from the selected Resource Template will be applied to your project. Done.
    Apply a resource template-4

Assign a task to a resource

No more trawling through spreadsheets to find the right match for your project tasks. This overview demonstrates how marketers can assign a task to a resource in five easy steps.


  1. Click Resources and then click on Task List.
    assign 1
  2. The Task List displays all of the tasks that have been briefed in. To assign a task to a resource, click the Assign assign button.
    assign 2
    To assign multiple tasks at once, select the checkbox associated to each task.
    assign 3
  3. On the Assign Task screen, you can view all of the resources who are skilled to perform this task. Drag and drop the task onto a day on the timeline of the resource you are selecting. The timeline will graphically display the resources’s workload capacity.
    assign 4
  4. Click Done Assigning. The assigned task(s) will now be displayed on the timeline of your resource.
    assign 5

    assign 5.1

Select a resource then add a task

This overview demonstrates how you can select a resource and then add a task. This handy feature can be used when an urgent task is requested.


  1. Click on the Cog icon which corresponds to the resource you want to assign the task to. From the dropdown menu, click New Task.
    select resource then add task - 1

  2. Select the project that the task is relevant to, then fill in the Task Name and add any briefs or documents.
    select resource then add task - 2

    Next, click the ‘Task Assignee and Execution’ tab. Select the resources’s function and Task Execution which can either be Fixed or Flexible. Next, specify the Task Start Date/Time by filling in the date and time fields provided. Click Save Changes.
    select resource then add task - 2.1
  3. View the assigned task from the Timeline screen. Locate the resource and click on the task to reveal its details. The resource will receive an email, task notification and admation message informing them of the new task to ensure it doesn’t get overlooked.
    select resource then add task - 3


  • Plan and schedule projects and tasks faster and easier than ever before
  • Create resource templates to eliminate tedious and repetitive marketing administration
  • Dispense with traditional tools like spreadsheets (typically known to contain a whopping 88% of errors) to manage your marketing resources
  • Have greater transparency over your marketing resources with visual displays of resources and task allocations
  • Assign tasks to resources in five easy steps
  • Reduce high pressure workloads for your team with planned marketing project schedules
  • Have greater flexibility to deal with urgent tasks and projects
  • Have more time to be creative
  • Meet those deadlines – finally!