Admation’s Reserve Button
This is an overview of admation’s Reserve Button. Admation’s handy Reserve Button allows a Legal or Compliance team member to reserve a job for review. This in turn eradicates the possibility of two team members reviewing the same job unbeknown to the other. The Reserve Button does not prohibit other team members from approving or providing feedback on the item.


  1. To reserve an Approval Item, click on the Reserve Button above the artwork.
    Admation's Reserve Button-1
  2. A dropdown box featuring Reserve options will appear.
    In this example below we’ll click on the option Reserve for myself.Admation's Reserve Button-2
  3. The Reserve button will now say Reserved by me.
    Admation's Reserve Button-3
  4. Your team members will see “Reserved” on the Reserve Button and a message that tells them who has reserved this item for approval.
    Admation's Reserve Button-4


  • No more duplicate work on approval items for the Legal or Compliance team
  • Other team members can rest easy knowing that someone will attend to the approval item
  • Helps to avoid marketing compliance issues by ensuring that someone in Legal or Compliance reserves and attends to the approval item
  • Rest assured that what goes to market is approved by Legal or Compliance
  • In the bigger picture, maintain your brand’s reputation in the marketplace