Admation’s Re-run a Project Feature
This overview demonstrates how marketers can re-run a project and associated deliverables in admation making the process easier and more expedient than ever before.


  • To re-run a project deliverable, first click on the Ad Storage button at the top of the screen. Here you can access all previous projects that have been approved and finalised.


  • To find the project you wish to re-run, fill in the search filter. You can search by a range of metadata such as a job number, campaign, keywords and asset type. Once you have found the project, you have two options on how to proceed.
  • Option 1:
    Select the checkbox for each deliverable you wish to re-run. When you have selected all appropriate deliverables, click the re-run icon located on the Actions bar. You will be directed to the ‘Project Metadata’ screen where you will need to complete the project details.
  • Option 2:

Click on the finalised project deliverable and you will be directed to the ‘Finalised Deliverable’ details screen.

To re-run the entire project or associated deliverables, select the Re-run button located on the right side panel.


Once selected, a screen will appear. From here you can select the deliverables you wish to re-run. Click continue.

  • The Project Creation screen is where you will be able to edit the project’s details (metadata, key dates, project team).
  • Deliverables that were selected to be re-run will appear under the Deliverables section.
    To upload a new or exisiting artwork to a re-run deliverable, click the Upload File button.

  • Browse for the artwork in your directory and then select Upload
  • Once the artwork has been uploaded, click the Create Project button.rrrap10

  • If you’ve uploaded new artwork the options to submit your deliverables now or later for approval will appear.rrrap11


  • Re-run a project with all the checks and balances in place to ensure you’re running final and approved marketing assets
  • Enables marketers to create a new project for re-running a campaign so that an automatic audit trail of work is created for marketing compliance
  • Locate final and approved marketing assets from the Re-run a Project feature in just seconds
  • Send deliverables planned for a re-run for approval to the right people before you send it to market to avoid marketing compliance issues
  • An easy, secure and fail-safe way of re-running important marketing campaigns