Online Timesheets

This overview demonstrates how admation’s Online Timesheets can be used to track the time spent on marketing tasks and projects. This is a great tool for marketing managers to better estimate resources and budgets for future marketing projects.


  • When a task has been assigned to you, an email detailing the task will be sent to you. Click the link in the email.
  • Click the Go to Task link from your admation Inbox.
  • You will be directed to your Task List.
  • Any tasks you have to work on today will appear in Today’s Task. My Task List displays a summary of all the tasks that have been assigned to you.
  • If you click on a task, the metadata for that task will appear such as task name, due date, task brief, as well as any attachments.
    A task that is completed will display:  iconStatusTickGreen
    A task that is currently being worked on will display: iconStatusPendingOrange
    A task that has not been started will display: iconUnreadMarkAs
    A task you have stopped working on will display: iconSimpleEllipsis
  • To log time against a task while you work, click Start Work.
  • Once you have stopped working on the task, click Stop Work.
    To log this time, click Add to time log.


  • To log time on a task you’ve already worked on or completed, click Log Time and fill in the prompts. Click Add Entry.
  • Click Save Changes and the time that was logged will display.
  • Once you have finished working on a task and are ready to mark the task as competed, click Complete. A green tick icon will appear next to the task’s name.


  • Offers an accurate audit trail of project tasks
  • Greater transparency over how much time (including over time) is being spent
    on tasks
  • Greater transparency over when tasks are completed
  • Marketing managers can opt to get an email notification when resources have logged their time or a task has been completed to stay current with work in progress
  • This feature enables management to more accurately forecast and budget for future jobs
  • Eliminate an over-reliance on freelancers