Admation’s Online Brief Feature

This is an overview of admation’s Online Brief feature. This feature enables marketers to select a customised brief template to capture all of the right details for each creative project. The guide below is useful for users who are responsible for briefing in projects. 


  1. Click the ‘Start a brief’ button.
    Admation’s Online Brief Feature- 1
  2. Brief templates that have been customised for your organisation will appear in a drop down menu. Select the relevant brief template.
    Admation’s Online Brief Feature-2
  3. The briefing form will be displayed on the screen. To save the briefing form and come back to it later, click the Save for Later button. Complete the briefing form and click Submit Brief.

    Admation’s Online Brief Feature-3

  4. Submit the brief, which will be sent to an already tailored set of recipients. You can edit recipients by clicking Edit Recipients. Documents can also be attached to this project brief. Click Send.
    Admation’s Online Brief Feature-4


  • A fast and reliable way of capturing the exact details required to kick start any marketing project
  • No more wasting valuable time chasing marketing project details
  • Less artwork revisions because the correct information for your marketing project has been captured from the beginning
  • Less tedious marketing project management administration
  • Get your campaigns absolutely right!