Admation’s Marketing Calendar

Admation’s Marketing Calendar allows marketers to view their projects In Progress either via a weekly, monthly, two monthly or three monthly calendar view. This feature enables more visibility over creative projects than ever before. Simply create a marketing campaign or project by entering in the key dates, and the project will be automatically displayed on the Marketing Calendar.


  • When switching to the Calendar View, the list of jobs is automatically sorted by the Estimated Start Date. This means you can view all of the jobs starting soon at the top of the list.
  • Set alerts to be delivered to their mobile device to prompt them to start a project
  • Set important dates and reminders which can be downloaded to any calendar app of your choice
  • If a job has key dates set but they are not in the time period displayed on screen, an arrow icon is displayed which will take the user to the time period where these dates are shown
  • The In Progress list allows users to view their projects on a Gantt chart displaying:
    Marketing Calendar 1

1. Project Estimated Start & Finish date range

2. Project Key Dates (milestones and date ranges)

3. Deliverable Key Dates (milestones and date ranges)


  • Ascertain in just seconds when you have to deliver on your creative projects
  • A faster and more convenient way to manage marketing projects
  • Other stakeholders can log in and view project milestones instead of having to chase you for the information
  • Important dates won’t ever be overlooked with automated reminders
  • Have more visibility and control over your marketing projects with an organised marketing planner