Feedback Report

This overview demonstrates how to review the feedback received on artwrok as well as generate a feedback report (change brief). Admation’s Feedback Report enables marketers to review and edit stakeholder feedback before it’s briefed into a studio team or designer.


  • Once a stakeholder has provided feedback, you will be notified by an admation email. Click Go To Approval to be directed to Approval Details page.
  • When artwork changes have been requested, a cross in a red box is displayed. A green box with a tick indicates an approval. To review the feedback, click on Review Feedback.
  • The Review Feedback screen outlines the comments and annotations that were submitted which are displayed underneath the artwork. The stakeholder’s name appears next to their feedback.
  • Above the feedback are Markup Tools. These tools will allow you to include any additional annotations prior to generating the Feedback Report. This modification is only made in the context of this report we are generating. The original details remain in the system.
  • Here’s an example of how we’ve edited an annotation.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the feedback, click Save Changes. To generate and download a Feedback Report, click Download as PDF.  Your report will be processed and downloaded onto your computer.
  • You review the PDF, click the Back button to return to the Review Feedback screen. Open the report in your PDF browser.
  • To send this report to others (i.e the studio operator), click Send as PDF Attachment.
  • Specify the recipients by clicking Edit Recipients. Once you’ve filled out the details, click Send.


  • No more trawling through emails to collate stakeholder feedback
  • Review and edit stakeholder feedback before sending it on to your studio team or designer
  • Admation’s Feedback Report makes artwork changes legible to your creative team
  • Eliminates the risk of feedback getting missed or overlooked
  • Decreases artwork revision counts