Management Team

Darin Lloyd

Darin Lloyd

Co-Founder and CEO

“By creating a more efficient workflow, we remove the chaos from the marketing process giving more time and brainpower for creativity.”

With over 14 years in the industry, Darin understands the marketing and advertising process from both a brand and agency perspective. This insider knowledge has put him at the forefront of innovating technology solutions today. But industry knowledge is only one component of any success story.

Co-founding automaton in 2001, Darin saw the opportunity to offer the marketing industry new modes of operation. Darin’s passion for creating solutions that enhance the user experience and affect real change for businesses is what really drives him.

In creating solutions that assist clients in streamlining workflow and marketing approval processes, Darin believes in putting the user at the centre of product development and design decisions. In short, the user is king. And Darin’s initiative to implement Agile Scrum Methodologies to ensure that his teams work effectively to give users what they want, demonstrates the innovation at the heart of automaton’s culture.

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Stefan Wright

Stefan Wright

Co-Founder and CTO

Stefan is co-founder and CTO of automaton. Like Darin, he recognised a gap in the marketplace for a solution like admation that could replace old workflows and catapult businesses into the 21st century.

Stefan brings to the table over 15 years experience in software design and development in the marketing industry. This sets him in good stead for understanding how to cater to the rapidly changing needs of marketers and brands.

Stefan is responsible for managing a highly skilled and enthusiastic team of developers. His innovative leadership – a capacity to lead, inspire and listen – has a flow on effect in the business and echoes the progressive and nurturing work nature of automaton.

Stefan has considerable expertise in application design, development and technical support for a diverse range of platforms including Unix, Macintosh and PC. He is well equipped to lead the development team, and to ensure they continue to deliver cutting edge technology to an ever-changing landscape.

Philip Theodorou

Philip Theodorou

Commercial Director

Phil joined automaton in 2003. Exchanging law for the technology industry, he wanted to experience the thrills and spills of start-up life.

Phil’s penchant for innovation is just one of the reasons he is an invaluable asset to automaton.

Phil brings a wealth of skills and attributes to his role as Commercial Director. Creating new business opportunities for automaton, Phil has demonstrated his acumen for identifying growth areas in the market place. Phil also has a natural flair for building great work relationships and is a vital link between the solution and the customer.

Phil’s leadership qualities are informed by his desire to ensure that the customer is satisfied. He enjoys a close relationship with admation’s talented product and support teams, and revels in delivering outstanding customer experiences every day. Second to this, Phil places great value on the contribution of team members and strives to engender a positive workplace, one where co-workers can thrive and feel valued.

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Jodie Byass

Jodie Byass

Head of Marketing

“I am still motivated by the opportunity to transform the processes across the creative industry”

Jodie has been on board with automaton from its inception in 2001. She has been instrumental in automaton’s journey to develop creative software to meet the marketing industry’s growing needs.

As a female in a male dominated technology industry, Jodie has always brought a fresh perspective to the many roles she has performed. Her background in business, analytics and international marketing make her an indelible force as head of marketing for automaton. Meticulous, dedicated and innovative are just a few words to describe her exemplary work.

Jodie is passionate about leveraging changes in the ever-shifting landscape of marketing. Her current focus is to utilise the various platforms and tools available to marketers today to build brand awareness for automaton. In 2013, Jodie launched the `updates’ page on automaton’s website to offer engaging and topical industry articles and highlight the successful relationships automaton has forged with its clients.

Jodie aims to build the automaton brand into a globally-recognised one. Aligning with the business’s philosophy `to be passionate about what we do and to care about our users’, Jodie makes sure that the brand stays true to its values.

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Larry Kendall

Lawrence ‘Larry’ Kendall

Client & Implementation Manager

“I am pleased to have successfully implemented workflow solutions to a wide variety of clients, many of whom were initially averse to change.”

Larry has worked for automaton for almost 10 years, and is a vital member of its team.

Starting in the development team at automaton, Larry honed a unique ability to connect with people from a range of industries and organisations. He possesses a striking acumen for making technology simple.

Larry currently leads the client liaison and implementation team. In his current role, Larry works closely with clients both locally and globally to provide solutions to businesses with marketing workflow issues. His background in software development, as well as an affable personality, allows him to communicate transparently with both sides of the technical divide.

In the spirit of progress, Larry assisted in the successful implementation of Agile Scrum Methodologies across the business. He is currently the Scrum Master for the admation team and thrives in this role.

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Jelena Curcic

Support Manager

“Our customers are the reason we come to work every day, so their importance is second to none.”

Jelena heads our client support team, working closely with all parts of the business including product designers, developers and obviously our clients.  Having previously run her own business, she understands all aspects of the technology lifecycle.  Our team and our clients benefit from her strategic thinking, attention to detail and her thirst to learn more.  Like Larry, she has a unique ability to make technology simple, and is able to communicate with clients in many different roles, across a range of industries.

Jelena’s passion is to solve problems and find creative solutions to make a customer’s work day more manageable and enjoyable. You can feel confident that Jelena will support you in your admation journey.

In her spare time, Jelena has diverse range of hobbies from bicycle riding to growing orchards.