Project Management

To successfully deliver creative projects, you need to provide your team with the right tools. Admation’s project management designed for creative projects, promotes collaboration, improves project visibility and helps your team track tasks and deliver projects.

10 Benefits of Project Management Software

Marketing Calendar

Admation’s Marketing Calendar lets you view your Projects In Progress, either via a weekly or monthly calendar view.  Simply create marketing campaigns/projects, enter projects key dates, and projects are automatically displayed on your Marketing Calendar.  You can also set alerts to be delivered to your mobile device to prompt you to start your project – sometimes these little reminders are all we need to get us started on time.

Project Set up

Simply create a new project though admation. This online project folder is where all project files, timelines, tasks and communications will be stored, managed and shared.

Admation - New Project set up

Project management teams

Project Teams & Roles

Add your team members to the project including internal and external stakeholders. Admation’s pre-determined roles allow you to manage the level of access each team member has. For example, our default media role permits the media agency to access to the media schedule but not other project documents such as production estimates. Admation also enables you to customise roles and access levels for each project.

Is your agency ready for project management software?


Project Documents

Store and access all project documents (briefs, estimates, media schedules, scripts etc) in one central location.  Admation helps your team work together more efficiently by ensuring everyone can find and access the project information they need.

Store and Manage project documents

Resource Timeline Templates

Resource Templates

Admation Resource Templates, allow you to quickly allocate resources to a project.  At the click of a button add the Types of Resources and Tasks that your project requires. Of course you can edit the Project Resourcing once you have added it from a template.

Project Timelines

Say goodbye to static project timelines that quickly become out of date and constantly require updating and redistributing.  Managing projects with admation ensures timelines are updated in real time and stakeholders have complete visibility of the project tasks and deadlines.

Approve Project Timelines

Timeline Approval

admation allows you to easily circulate a project timeline to department heads for signoff prior to the timeline been sent to clients.  This allows each department to review tasks and deadlines in relation to other projects, and make adjustments where required.

Track Projects Online

Once a timeline is agreed, tracking the status of tasks is important to keep your project on track. With a dedicated view that highlights actual versus agreed you can do a quick health check on your project.  When a task has run over you can enter a reason (Eg Bad Weather Day on Shoot) which will be carried through to the Project Reporting.

Checklist – Are you ready for project management software?


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