Marketing Asset Management

Admation’s fully integrated marketing asset management enables you to store, organise and share all your marketing assets.

Find your assets easily

Admation securely stores, indexes and provides download access to all your marketing assets. Index your content by keywords,  tags, campaign or other custom metadata, with thumbnails automatically generated to make searching simple.


Image Library

Admation’s online image library gives you easy access to all your brand assets, logos and images. Sharing your brand assets across stakeholders to facilitate your marketing has never been so easy.

Admation Image Library

Automaton Image File Conversion

Automatic File Conversion

Admation’s image library has built-in image transcoding functionality, enabling you to take images and automatically convert them into the size and format you need. This saves you time and effort, reducing your reliance on busy studio operators to convert files for you.

For example, if you have original images that are large EPS files, but you need them for a presentation as small JPEGs – admation does that conversion for you. Simply add the images to your cart and select your preferred file type and size from the drop down menu. You can convert a single or a batch of images.


With unlimited storage you will never run out of server space again. You can safely store all versions, from high-resolution to low-resolution formats, without creating issues for your server.

Marketing Asset Storage

Download Cart

Simply search and find your assets, add them to your cart, and download content with just one click.

Image Library - Download and Share Assets

Sharing Assets

Sharing assets with stakeholders, partners or design agencies has never been so easy. Simply email a secure link direct to content you have tagged to share. No more emailing large files, filling up client inboxes, or logging onto external FTP sites and uploading large files.

Share Marketing Assets

Marketing assets - manage user rights

Usage Rights

We understand the importance of communicating image usage restrictions and expiry, taking the hassle out of it with automated reminders.

Download History

Admation records every time an asset is downloaded, providing an insight into the popularity and success of various assets across all markets. For all brands, local or global, knowledge surrounding the success or otherwise of any project campaign is invaluable. This information can be used for internal reporting and may also help in managing the renewal of licensed images.

Assets Download history report
Admation Ad Storage

Complete Brand Archive

Many marketers focus so much on the production of brand assets that they forget what to do with them afterwards. Your ads have immense value – and need to be stored, protected and reused. Ad Storage provides the perfect platform to securely store all of your brand assets, giving you more control.

Production File Storage

Upload all of your master or production files, giving you safe, offsite storage. This also helps your marketing department become SOX compliant minus the hassle. With unlimited, secure final asset and production storage, you will never run out of server space again.

Production File Storage

Marketing Assets - Rerun

Re-run or Localise Ads Quickly

Storing all your high-resolution master or production files online facilitates quick re-runs and cost-effective changes to artwork. Global online access also means translating and localising creative content for different markets has never been easier. There’s no longer a need to constantly reinvent artwork when you use admation.

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